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QUIZ: MLB Reliever, or Bassist?

Note to all of you diehard Plaidspin readers out there (hi dad) - yer homie Carrie Hunt & The Spoonerism's sold out to the man!

I got a gig writing weekly for a cool baseball-themed speaking series called Pitch Talks. Check 'em out - they've got events in Toronto, New York, Tampa and Montreal, and they've had a lot of dope baseball media speakers.

Anyways, my latest for them is a quiz where I give you a name, and you have to tell me which underappreciated group they belong to - MLB relief pitcher, or bass guitar player.


Now, now... I know what you're thinking. Will this regular gig getting paid money by Pitch Talks mean that I'll be writing less often here, at Plaidspin, for no money?

Shit, I dunno.

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