Sports, culture and shit, made in Canada.
Sports, culture and shit, made in Canada.
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What's Boxing Day? Aw, shit... I know this. They always teach you this every year, and then you always forget. It's eitherrr... something having to do with boxing up all your presents the day after Christmas, or giving boxes of presents to all of your servants the day after Christmas. Real Victorian-ass Downton Abbey shit.

So, you can't watch boxing on Boxing Day? I don't see why you couldn't.

What do Canadians do on Boxing Day? Eat leftovers and get a day off work. Also, if we're particularly brave, we venture out for Boxing Day Sales. That means you wait in line in a slush-filled Best Buy parking lot at 7 AM so you can hipcheck a grandma out of the way from that stack of half-price panini presses, because THESE BOXING DAY SALES ARE OUR BEST PRICES OF THE YEEEEEAR


Oh, and watch the World Juniors! (8PM, TSN) On Boxing Day, Team Canada inevitably steamrollers a bunch of zit-faced Latvians or Slovakians in the opening game 14-0, only to set us up for a crushing defeat in the medal round. Then we'll all complain about how a bunch of 18-year-olds are our national shame, and Don Cherry will fire up the stove to reheat some takes. It's a Boxing Day tradition!

This has been a Plaidspin Canadian Statutory Holiday Reminder. We'll see you in February for Family Day!

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