Brett Lawrie, tattooed Red Bull-swilling third baseman for the Toronto Blue Jays, is hurt again.

This is not news. Brett Lawrie has always been hurt, and always will be.

In June, Brett got plunked in the hand by a pitch and broke his finger. Accidents happen. With a fully-healed finger, he returned to action yesterday, had exactly one at-bat (a single!), and promptly re-injured himself.

This time it's his left oblique that he's managed to wear out like a cheap elastic band, and he's been put on the 15-day DL (although he could be sidelined for most of the rest of the season, with the Jays badly needing help in a tight wild card race.) It's the 8th different body part he's injured in his brief playing career. He's only a few muscles shy of a full Operation boardgame at this point.

Here is a chart of how hurt Brett Lawrie has been. It includes the time he fell in a hole.