Marc-André Fleury is very, very good at shootouts. That much anyone could tell you. But how is he so good? With hockey stats, it's almost impossible to know. Compared to the high-tech wizardry of modern baseball stats - where a simple, public query tool can tell you the average degrees of yaw-rotation on sliders thrown by Dominican relievers on Tuesday night games - hockey is still in the dark ages of counting goals, and counting assists. Almost all other advanced hockey stats essentially come from putting different arithmetic twists on those caveman-simple goal and assist stats.

What if we could chart where shooters were targeting a certain goalie, though? And what if we could distill the act of shooting to its purest form - removing defensive screens, tips, and all manner of hockey shenanigans - by just looking at shootout stats? Well, that's what I did, by manually tracking down video of every shootout shot on Fleury in the last two years and marking approximately where the shot went and how Fleury attempted to save it. That's all down there, in the infographic.