30 years ago, on January 27, 1984, Wayne Gretzky scored a goal against the New Jersey Devils. In the '83-84 season, it wasn't odd to see the name "Gretzky" on the Oilers' scoresheet - it'd been there every single game, going back to the start of the season in October. For an unprecedented 51 games straight, The Great One kept up an otherworldly point-scoring pace - 61 goals, 92 assists - good for 153 points, an even 3.0 points per game.

The next day, on January 28th, the Oilers played Gretzky's future team, the LA Kings. Otherwise-unremarkable goalie Markus Mattsson managed to keep Gretzky off the scoresheet for the first time that season. Gretzky's points streak was over. It's a record that will likely never be broken - no one's even put together a streak half as long as Gretzky's since Mats Sundin had a 30-game streak in 1993.


Era-apologists will be quick to point out that early-80s goaltending was the equivalent of a broomstick tied to a couple of couch cushions in front of the net, but even still, it's not like anyone else in the league was coming close to Gretzky's insane numbers. In other seasons, Gretzky put together point-scoring streaks good enough for 3rd-longest and T4th-longest in league history. This chart shows you the longest point-scoring streaks in NHL history, with dots representing points (coloured dots representing goals.)