A Hoser's Guide to the 2014 CFL Season (Part 1: The East)

Despite its best efforts, the Canadian Football League is having a season this year! You may be an existing CFL fan, a neophyte looking to broaden your horizons, or just a straight-up CFL hater, but I'm here to sit you down and let you know everything you need to know in order to enjoy this upcoming season of… » 6/26/14 2:20am 6/26/14 2:20am

INFOGRAPHIC: The most-penalized NHL game ever was 10 years ago

10 years ago yesterday, the Ottawa Senators visited Philadelphia for a match against the Flyers. By the time the final horn sounded, a record 419 penalty minutes had been handed out. 20 players had been ejected, leaving a combined five players on the team benches at the end of the game. » 3/06/14 7:41pm 3/06/14 7:41pm

A Hater's Guide to Olympic Curling: Sochi 2014

[Back in December, I wrote a Hater's Guide to the Roar of the Rings Team Canada qualification tournament. It was an unexpected hit! People who didn't give a shit about curling actually read the whole thing, and pretty much everyone in the curling community shared it, read it, or called me an asshole. One Rachel Homan… » 2/07/14 7:02pm 2/07/14 7:02pm

Why is Marc-André Fleury so good at shootouts?

Marc-André Fleury is very, very good at shootouts. That much anyone could tell you. But how is he so good? With hockey stats, it's almost impossible to know. Compared to the high-tech wizardry of modern baseball stats - where a simple, public query tool can tell you the average degrees of yaw-rotation on sliders… » 2/04/14 8:03pm 2/04/14 8:03pm

Wayne Gretzky's 51-game point streak ended 30 years ago today

30 years ago, on January 27, 1984, Wayne Gretzky scored a goal against the New Jersey Devils. In the '83-84 season, it wasn't odd to see the name "Gretzky" on the Oilers' scoresheet - it'd been there every single game, going back to the start of the season in October. For an unprecedented 51 games straight, The Great… » 1/27/14 9:37pm 1/27/14 9:37pm

A Hater's Guide to Curling: The 2013 Roar of the Rings

[You may have seen the now-semi-viral video of Ron Burgundy in the TSN broadcast booth on Day 1 of the Tim Hortons Roar of the Rings and thought "Hey, curling! I haven't watched curling in a while. I want to get into it, but I wish I had an article explaining who to cheer for!" This is that article. You're welcome. If… » 12/03/13 1:18am 12/03/13 1:18am

The Great Foods of America's Great Cities, Ranked

America has a lot of food. Way too much goddamn food, probably. You've got your nationally-important foodstuffs, like Twinkies. Then you've got your regional cuisines that divide the country into a colorful quilt of culinary conglomerates, the invisible borders separating the Democratic Republic of In-N-Out, the… » 10/17/13 7:58pm 10/17/13 7:58pm

2013 Ceremonial First Pitchers, Ranked

If there's one day that all 30 MLB teams can agree is awesome, it's the Home Opener. For the league's perpetual winners, it's a day of pomp, circumstance, renewed expectations, and maybe even some cool-ass fireworks as they announce the lineup. For the perpetual losers, it's a new dawn, a fresh slate, the start of a… » 4/10/13 12:22pm 4/10/13 12:22pm