Well, I Guess We're Watching The Grey Cup

As a Canadian, you have a few innate responsibilities. In April you pay your taxes, in November you buy a poppy, in January you watch the World Juniors, and when the Grey Cup comes around, you watch it. Even if your team isn't in it. Even if you're not a CFL fan. The Grey Cup is a transcendent, once-a-year television… » 11/30/14 6:38pm 11/30/14 6:38pm

The Raptors: Still Less Popular Than Curling In Canada

It seems like the Raptors are everywhere these days. Thanks to a scorching 12-2 start, an exciting young team, the wildly successful "We The North" marketing campaign, and the crossover of animosity directed at the Leafs (supporting a team owned by the same management group instead, that'll show those MLSE bigwigs!),… » 11/26/14 12:12pm 11/26/14 12:12pm

Cancellation of Rob Ford After 4 Seasons Leaves Viewers With Unanswered…

On Monday, Mayor Rob Ford - a Canadian-produced drama/comedy series that captivated audiences both at home and south of the border - will end its 4-season run, following an abrupt cancellation notice. » 10/24/14 3:21pm 10/24/14 3:21pm

Is a Montreal-Based Blog Running an Elaborate Prank on Torontonians?

Last Monday, a new Toronto culture site called Narcity made its public debut. That, on its own, isn't all that noteworthy - there are always new blogs launching in Toronto hoping to be the next BlogTO or Torontoist, and most of them write a few listicles about poutine before slowly running out of seed money and… » 9/24/14 7:19pm 9/24/14 7:19pm

FiveThirtyEight Hilariously Thinks Sudbury, Ontario Deserves an NHL Team

Last week, the hockey world was set ablaze by a (since-denied) story that the league was quietly planning a four-team expansion within the next two years, with the new franchises earmarked for Seattle, Las Vegas, Quebec City, and Toronto B. » 9/05/14 12:41pm 9/05/14 12:41pm